03/18/2018 to 03/24/2018
Arrival: 18 March before 06.00 pm/ Departure 24 March after 02.00 pm For Priests, Brothers and Sisters seeking time of renewal through the WORD OF GOD, especially during this season of Lent before the Holy Week. God speaks to us through the Holy Scriptures! We need to take time in silent reflection to distinguish and to listen to the Voice of God. Ishvani Kendra offers such an  opportunity at this opportune time of Lent. Retreat Fees: 2000/-
04/03/2018 to 04/21/2018
Arrival: 03 April before 06.00 pm / Departure: 21 April after 02.00 pm Both Christian spirituality and psychotherapy involve the crucifixion of self-centredness. To listen and respond to the challenges of mission today, those who are engaged in mission should be rooted in the spiritual realities. This course aims at a deeper awareness and integration of one’s self for an enthusiastic re-commitment in mission. Tuitions: Rs. 3,500; Board & Lodge Rs. 4,000/-
06/07/2018 to 06/30/2018
Arrival: 07 June before 06.00 pm / Departure: 30 June For Priests, Brothers and Sisters Assigned to Overseas Missions. Purpose: To prepare missionaries for mission overseas and to help them acquire cross-cultural competence. Content: Culture and cultural transition; Psychological frontiers of overseas mission; Skills for community living and ministry; Dynamics of missionary presence and emerging mission trends; Input on India and Indian faith traditions; Input on the host country and host culture;  Acquiring cross-cultural competency and sharing of lived experiences by missionaries from overseas missions. Tuitions: Rs. 4,000/- and Board and Lodge: Rs. 4,500/-
07/16/2018 to 07/28/2018
Arrival: 16 July before 06.00 pm / Departure: 28 July afternoon This intensive audio course will take you from understanding the sound to multi-track recording, mixing and mastering. Training and sufficient hands-on experience are imparted in a Professional Digital Studio set-up. Content: physical and perceptual aspects of sound; the process of recording; sound analogue and digital mixing consoles; sound cards and connections; equalizers; compressors and limiters; noise gate; noise reduction; microphones and microphone techniques; analogue recording and digital recording; sound studio sign language; multi-track recording; recording software; effects and plug-ins; techniques of editing, mixing and mastering; wiring different equipments and amplifiers; and maintenance of studio and studio equipments.    Tuitions: Rs. 7,000/- and Board and Lodge: Rs. 3,000/-
07/30/2018 to 08/18/2018
Arrival: July 30 by 06. 00 pm / Departure: August 18 after 02.00 pm As part of the ongoing missionary formation and renewal, the course is envisaged to help the participants relax, refresh, rejuvenate, update, and recommit to the evangelizing mission. It is open to all those who are celebrating the Silver Jubilee of their religious profession or priestly ordination. Content: Reflecting together about the Time of Grace; Religious life today; Emerging trends in mission; Missionary spirituality; Sharing of experiences; Psycho-spiritual growth and integration; Midlife transition and recommitment to consecrated life.
08/27/2018 to 09/02/2018
Arrival: August 27 before 06.00 pm / Departure: 02 September after 02.00 pm   “And God saw that it was good” (Gen 1:12b.18b.21b. .25b.31a). Restoring the sanctity of creation and living to promote the culture of life is a call that is ever real and urgent.   Total Fee Rs. 2,000/-  
09/04/2018 to 09/22/2018
Arrival: 04 September before 06.00 pm / Departure: 22September, after 02.00 pm The course is open to all who are interested to enhance their leadership skills. Purpose: Towards creating a prophetic, credible, and compassionate leadership in communities. Content: The person of the Leader; Developing Leadership skills through value Shift; Facilitating leadership in religious communities; Conflict and stress management; Effective leadership and communication skills; Emotional Intelligence and Leadership; Leading like Jesus.   Tuitions: Rs. 3,500/- and Board and Lodge: Rs. 4,500/-
10/18/2018 to 11/03/2018
Arrival: 18 October before 06.00 pm / Departure: 03 November after 02.00 pm For Priests, Brothers, Sisters, and lay persons who are interested to analyse and understand the influence and effects of media on socio-political and religious life.   Purpose: To acquire knowledge and skills in the use of media; to analyse, to evaluate and interpret its influence and power in a fast moving world! Tuitions: Rs. 2500/- and Board and Lodge: Rs. 3,500/-
11/19/2018 to 12/08/2018
Arrival: 19 Nov before 06.00 pm / Departure: 08 December   This course is designed for all formation personnel at different stages of formation. Purpose: The formation of the priests and the religious is a major concern of the Church. The changing patterns of family and social life have caused their ripples in formation houses too. There is a great need to re-emphasize our missionary commitment to the Kingdom values and to live as a contrast community of disciples. This course is designed for formation personnel to address the new challenges of formation today. Content: Understanding personality and assessment; Culture and formation; Importance of good family and social conditions; Empowering skills for formators; Emerging mission trends in formation; Influence of media in formation, and Formative Spirituality. Tuitions: Rs. 3,500/- and Board and Lodge: Rs.4,500/-