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Yearly Programmes

Our Yearly Programmes

Yearly Programmes
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242 Sound Engineering


Sound Engineering 

April 14 – 27, 2024

(Residential and Day Scholars)

For: Sisters, Brothers, Priests and Lay Persons.

Purpose: This intensive audio course will take you from understanding the sound to multi-track recording, mixing and mastering. Training and sufficient hands-on experience are imparted in a Professional Digital Studio set-up.

Content: Physical and perceptual aspects of sound; Process of Sound Recording; Analogue and Digital Mixing Consoles; Audio Interface, connecting various audio equipment, Compressors and Limiters; Noise gate; Noise reduction; and other effects processors and VST plug-ins. Microphones and Microphone Techniques; Multi-Track Recording; Recording software; Editing, Mixing and Mastering; Maintenance of Studio and Studio Equipment.

Residential: Registration ₹ 1,000/- & Course Charges ₹ 15,300/- (Total ₹ 16,300/- including GST)

Day Scholars: Registration ₹ 1,000/- & Course Charges ₹ 11,940/- (Total ₹ 12,940/- including GST)

Arrival day is April 14, 2024, before 6.00 pm: Departure after 5.00 pm on April 27, 2023

Limited Seats, Register Immdediately

Sunday, 14, April, 2024
Saturday, 27, April, 2024
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243 Overseas Mission Orientation

Overseas Mission Orientation

June 09 - 29, 2024

For: Sisters, Priests and Brothers Assigned to Overseas Mission.

Purpose: To prepare missionaries for mission overseas and to help them acquire cross-cultural and intercultural competence.

Content: Psychological frontiers to overseas mission; Skills for intercultural community living and ministry; Host country and host culture; Elements of cultural transition; Inputs on India and Indian faith traditions; Dynamics of missionary presence; Implications of new religious movements for global mission; Emerging trends in evangelization; Biblical discipleship and mission today; Acquiring cross-cultural competency and Sharing of lived experiences by missionaries from overseas mission.

Registration  1,000/- and Course Charges: 18,100/- (Total ₹ 19,100/- including GST)

Arrival day is June 09 before 6.00 pm: Departure after 2.00 pm on June 29.

Limited Seats, Register Immediately

Sunday, 9, June, 2024
Saturday, 29, June, 2024
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244 Leadership for Mission: Course for Superiors

 Leadership for Mission: Course for Superiors

July 21 – 03 August, 2024  

For: Sisters, Priests and Brothers who are/will be in Leadership Positions.

Purpose: Towards creating prophetic, credible, and compassionate leaders, who are servants and shepherds in communities and in pastoral space.

Content: Person of the leader; Empowering skills; Facilitating leadership in religious communities; Skills for animating communities; Participatory team performance; Conflict and stress management; General principles of management; Biblical paradigms of leadership.

Registration ₹ 1,000/- and Course Charges:  11,320/- (Total ₹ 12,320/-) Plus GST as applicable

Arrival day is July 21 before 6.00 pm: Departure after 2.00 pm on August 03.

Limited Seats, Register Immediately


Sunday, 21, July, 2024
Saturday, 3, August, 2024
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245 Film Making: Techniques and Editing

Film Making: Design, Techniques and Editing

(Residential and Day Scholars)

August 11 - 31, 2024

For: Sisters, Priests, Brothers and Lay Persons

Purpose: To help the participants gain professional competence and knowledge of film making.

Content: Basics of Visual Communication; Camera operation and control; Photographic composition; Creativity and concept writing; Script writing; Screen play and story board; Interview techniques; Lighting for film; Editing techniques; Video effects and transitions; Graphics and titles; Sound in video production; Documentary film production.

Requirement: A personal Video Camera.

Residential: Registration: ₹ 1,000/- & Course Charges:  22,640/- (Total ₹ 23,640/- including GST)

Day Scholars: Registration: ₹ 1,000/- & Course Charges: 17,600/- (Total ₹ 18,600/- including GST)

Arrival day is August 11 before 6.00 pm: Departure after 2.00 pm on August 31

Limited seats, Apply immediately

Sunday, 11, August, 2024
Saturday, 31, August, 2024
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246 Silver Jubilarians’ Special: Renewal Course for Sisters

Silver Jubilarians' Special:

Renewal in Religious-Missionary Life with Retreat (For Sisters)

September 15 – 05 October, 2024

For: Sisters, who celebrate the Silver Jubilee of their Religious Profession

Purpose: As part of the ongoing missionary formation and renewal, the course is envisaged to help participants refresh, rejuvenate, relax, update and renew their commitment joyfully to the evangelizing mission of the Church.

Content: Gifts-grace-charism and Consecrated Life; Challenges to and opportunities of Consecrated Life today; Emerging trends in evangelization; Biblical missionary discipleship; Shared reflections of life-experiences; Midlife transition: re-reading the personal vocation story in the light of God's loving gaze; Revitalizing commitment to Consecrated Life. One day Outing; Course ends with a week-long Retreat.

Registration  1,000/- and Course Charges: 18,100/- (Total ₹ 19,100/- including GST)

Arrival day is September 15 before 6.00 pm: Departure after 2.00 pm on October 05.

Limited Seats, Register Now

Sunday, 15, September, 2024
Saturday, 5, October, 2024
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247 Mission Spirituality for Treasurers

Mission Spirituality for Treasurers

            October 09 - 17, 2024

For: Treasurers/Procurators of religious communities

Wednesday, 9, October, 2024
Thursday, 17, October, 2024
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248 E-Evangelization: Film Making and Digital Media

E-Evangelization: Film Making and Digital Media

(Residential & Day Scholars)

October 23 – 13 November 2024

For: Sisters, Priests, Brothers and Lay Persons

Purpose: To acquire knowledge and skills in the use of digital media for effective evangelization.

Content: Camera operation and techniques of photography; Photoshop and Indesign; image editing and photo retouching, invitation cards, logo and cover page design; Film making; Script writing, Videography and Video editing; Editing on social media platforms; Techniques of PowerPoint presentation.

Requirement: A digital video camera

Residential: Registration:  1,000/- & Course Charges:  23,760/- (Total ₹ 24,760/- including GST)

Day Scholars : Registration:  1,000/- & Course Charges: 18,720/- (Total ₹ 19,720/- including GST)

Arrival day is October 23 before 6.00 pm: Departure after 2.00 pm on November 13

Limted Seats, Apply Now

Wednesday, 23, October, 2024
Wednesday, 13, November, 2024
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249 Formators Course: New Challenges and Skills

Formators Course:

New Challenges and Skills in Formation

November 17 – 14 December 2024

For: Rectors, Superiors, Prefects, Novice Directors, Spiritual Directors, Vocation Promoters, Formation In-charges of Juniors, and Initial Formation.

Purpose: Towards forming empowered, spirit filled and compassionate Formators who will form the next generation of disciples of Jesus to be His witnesses.

Content: Teachings of the Church on the importance of integral formation; Biblical perspectives on discipling the Formees for mission; Mission trends and formation; Psycho-sexual integration for self-transformation and effective ministry; New perspectives in formation: Spiritual Discernment in formation; Accompaniment skills; Inter-cultural dynamics in formation; Impact of mass media and social communications in formation. One day outing.

Registration: ₹ 1,000/- and Course Charges: ₹ 23,480/- (Total = ₹ 24,480/- including GST)

Arrival day is November 17 before 6.00 pm: Departure after 2.00 pm on December 14

Limited Seats, Register Now

Sunday, 17, November, 2024
Saturday, 14, December, 2024
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